Platinum is growing in popularity every day, and the prices are rocketing as a result. This makes it the perfect time to get involved in the platinum precious metals industry by adding to your current collection or starting a brand new one. And why wait when it comes to expanding your current investment portfolio or bringing it to life with a unique and popular product when you can get started today with Wall Street Metals?

As you can see below, we feature a wide range of platinum bars and coins here at Wall Street Metals, from Platinum Eagle coins, Canadian Platinum Maple Leaf Coins, as well as 1oz Valcambi Platinum Bars. Our collection is growing on a regular basis, but we have started with this foundation of extremely easy-to-trade coins and bars to get you started.

Browse below to find your perfect platinum precious metal piece and get in touch if you have any questions.

Investing in Platinum – A Bright Idea

Platinum, just like palladium, looks set to become a mainstay commodity in the precious metals investment game. It will join the likes of gold and silver as a rocksteady investment for experts of all kinds, and one that grows in value in years to come. But what does this mean? Well, it basically means that right now is a fantastic time to get involved and bag yourself some platinum pieces.

The high-value nature of platinum precious metals makes them a brilliant investment opportunity, not just for now but for in the future, which is how you should always be thinking as an investor. Prices are on the up and will continue to rise, as stock markets and other investments become more and more risky and trust in non-physical entities continues to dwindle. Precious metals like platinum are physical and will continue to rise in value as they have intrinsic value as well as collectors value, so they truly are a smart investment.

The physical nature of platinum pieces makes them highly profitable and relatively speaking, very low risk in today’s ever-changing and developing investment landscape. This makes them incredibly valuable in the long-run and can help you expand your current portfolio with something a little interesting and something that is always growing in popularity and saleability.

The Finest Platinum Coins and Bars For Collectors

As well as providing a brilliant addition to your investment portfolio, platinum coins and bars are also incredible for your precious metals collection. They add something unique to your collection to help bring it to life, and we provide the best of the best right here at Wall Street Metals.

Platinum is one step up from gold when it comes to value, and is a step-up in terms of luxuriousness. This means palladium is a terrific addition to your collection to add that little bit of showmanship and pizazz to proceedings. But if you’re going to invest in platinum coins or bars for your collection, you need to know you can purchase them from a place of trust. That’s where we step in.

A Trusted Dealer of Platinum Coins and Platinum Bars

Wall Street Metals have years in the industry and are market leaders when it comes to precious metals. We not only have vast swathes of experience in purchasing and selling gold coins, silver coins, and palladium pieces, but we are the absolute best place to come when it comes to platinum products.

We have the relevant and vital contacts and connections within the industry to make sure we can get you the best products possible, and our buying power means we can also provide platinum products to you for the best prices available online.

With a simple to follow process and even a live spot price checker with historical data, Wall Street Metals are your one stop shop for all things platinum coins and platinum bars, and the absolute best place to buy these kinds of pieces online in the USA.

Beautiful, Rare Platinum with Wall Street Metals

Platinum is a unique material and one that is extremely beautiful. The level of detail and craftsmanship on all of our pieces is second to none, so don’t miss out on fantastic and rare platinum products today.

Take the 1 oz American Platinum Eagle Coin as a prime example. This is one of the most popular platinum coins on the planet, and contains 1 oz of .995 pure platinum, minted by the US Mint. It carries a face value of $100 and when purchase through Wall Street Metals, is protected with a 32mm Air-Tite Coin Holder.

Design-wise, it features the Liberty Head design on the obverse, and the reverse image features the iconic, bald, soaring, American Eagle over the setting sun.

It is the official platinum bullion coin of the United States government, and the purity in weight is backed by the federal government for that added peace of mind around what it is you’re investing in. First introduced in 1997, this coin features the same image on the obverse and reverse side of the coin, but only in the bullion program.

Platinum Pieces in an IRA

We are also proud to offer our clients coins and precious metals for your IRA, which includes the addition of platinum pieces you see before you. We’ve partnered with a range of trusts and experts such as New Direction IRA, Equity Trust, GoldStar Trust and Strata Trust amongst others to offer the perfect package when it comes to IRAs.

And that’s the lowest cost and quickest setup and maintenance.

We even have a range of IRA experts who you can speak to with any queries you have surrounding setting up a precious metals IRA for your platinum products, or any questions about investing on a whole that you might have. You can book a free IRA appointment today to find out more on how you can boost your investment potential with platinum-based, precious metals IRAs.

The IRA Process

The process couldn’t be simpler, all you do is firstly open a self-directed IRA account with the help of our IRA custodians. Then, you fund your self-directed IRA account, transferring money to your IRA custodian of choice.

Then, you purchase your platinum or other precious metals from Wall Street Metals, with your IRA custodian notifying us you have funds available and intend to use them to purchase with ourselves.

All of this means you’re able to enjoy the tax benefits associated with precious metals IRAs without the headache of setting them up yourself.

Get in Touch with Wall Street Metals Today

No matter what you do with your precious metals, whether it’s adding them to your own collection or expanding your portfolio to boost its potential, Wall Street Metals have the experience, knowledge, and expertise to help make a success of your collection with beautifully designed, incredibly high quality platinum coins, bars, gold coins, silver coins, and more.

We’ve got years of experience in the game and have the connections in the industry, buying power and passion to make the right choices and find pieces that will bring your collections to life in a way to remember.

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