Royal Gold Canadian Coins and Gold Bars

Royal Canadian Mint Gold coins truly are a thing of beauty. They aren’t simply a piece of gold, more often than not, they’re a work of art in themselves.

We have vast experience in the sourcing and supplying of Royal Canadian Mint Gold coins and have some of the most superb designs ever produced available to add to your collection or to help you start a new one.

From natural and national animals and designs to iconic symbols of the Canadian heartland, we provide a mixture of old and new gold coins with something for every collector and investor. We pride ourselves on the collection we have and can provide you with some of the best gold Canadian coins available from the Royal Canadian Mint.

Gold Canadian Coins Online

Buy gold Canadian coins with Wall Street Metals online and you know you’re getting a fantastic deal of beautiful coins for your collection.

From the Canadian Gold Grey-White Falcon to the Canadian Arctic Fox Coin, our selection is vast and products of the highest quality. With a massive mix of different coins available to buy online, all in BU condition up to .9999 pure gold in Troy Oz’s, you’re sure to find something with Wall Street Metals that will bring your collection to life or help start a new portfolio of investments.

  • IRA APPROVED1 kilo Royal Canadian Gold Bar

    1 Kilo Royal Canadian Gold Bar

    as low as $61,718.01
  • 1 oz Canadian Gold Bobcat Coin (w/ Assay)

    as low as $1,973.01
  • 1 oz Canadian Gold Elk Coin (BU w/ Assay)

    as low as $1,973.01
  • 1 oz Canadian Gold Growling Cougar Coin (BU w/ Assay)

    as low as $1,973.01
  • 1 oz Canadian Gold Howling Wolf Coin (w/ Assay)

    as low as $1,973.01
  • IRA APPROVED2019 1 oz Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coin

    1 oz Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coin (Random Year, BU)

    as low as $2,061.89
  • 1 oz Canadian Gold Moose Coin (BU w/ Assay)

    as low as $1,973.01
  • 1 oz Canadian Gold Roaring Grizzly Coin (BU w/ Assay)

    as low as $1,973.01
  • 1 oz Gold Canadian Golden Eagle Coin (BU w/ Assay)

    as low as $1,973.01

Popular Pieces

The Royal Canadian Mint is known around the world with prestige and opulence at the center of their reputation. We’re therefore extremely proud to supply gold Canadian coins from the RCM, in unique designs such as the Gold Canadian Maple Leaf Coin of varying different weights.

From the 1/10 oz to the ½ oz, ¼ oz and 1 oz Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coin, we have something to suit every collector or investors style and preference with a range of bullion coins that are only increasing in value and can act as a lucrative investment opportunity.

The Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coin is one of the most beautiful in existence and is one of the earliest bullion coins available in the world. Each variation contains their respective weights of .9999 pure gold in BU condition and are part of the 40th anniversary for the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coins. Queen Elizabeth II’s portrait features on the coins obverse, and the world-famous signifier of Canada – The sugar maple leaf, is found on the coins reverse.

As well as the Gold Maple Leaf coins, we also stock popular Royal Canadian Mint bullion coins featuring wildlife of Canada such as the  ¼ Canadian Arctic Fox Gold Coin, as well as the ¼ oz  Canadian Gold Grey-White Falcon.

Each of these are both extremely popular coins from the Royal Canadian Mint and feature beautiful design work of some of the most popular and well-known animals associated with Canada. They both feature the portrait of Elizabeth II on the obverse and arrive in protective plastic when purchased from Wall Street Metals.

Investing in Gold Canadian Coins

Investing in gold Canadian coins has been a popular practice for years that is still extremely common in today’s marketplace and investment landscape.

This consistent popularity across the world is down to the fact that bullion coins such as the gold Canadian coins we have listed are easily and instantly recognizable to potential buyers. They’re valued incredibly highly for this reason and are a very sought-after set of products within the investment world.

This makes them not only simple to trade but high in the list of precious metal investing products, giving you a high premium when you’re in the market to sell your pieces.

The collection of Royal Canadian Mint Gold coins can help form an excellent long-term investment strategy for this reason, with a profitable precious metal that stays consistently popular in investment circles and has done for years.

All of these reasons make gold coins low-risk and therefore invaluable to potential investors as well as collectors, giving you an incredibly strong base to start from for an investment portfolio. They also act as a brilliant addition to your current portfolio and help diversify your investments with a solid product that has a proven track record of popularity and value increase over time.

The fact that they are such a stable entity in a commonly unpredictable investment landscape means that they are less volatile and therefore a brilliant addition to your collection. They have enormous popularity within the precious metals industry because of this, making them highly liquid and easily traded within precious metals circles.

But you can’t just go and buy any old gold Canadian coins and expect to turn a profit over the short or long term. You need an expert like Wall Street Metals. We provide the finest quality gold Canadian coins and pieces for our customers. It can be a minefield when investing in precious metals, but we have the experience, knowledge, and expertise to ensure that you are provided with nothing but the finest when it comes to quality, investment potential, and beauty of Royal Canadian Mint Gold coins.

Royal Canadian Mint Gold Bars

The Royal Canadian Mint are world-leading and well established in the precious metals industry. This is down to the wide variety of products they produce, from silver coins like the Arctic Fox and Maple Leaf to gold coins listed above.

However, a true gold enthusiast, collector, or investor will know that gold bars are also incredibly sought after and valuable as an investment commodity and collector’s item.

At Wall Street Metals, we stock two Royal Canadian Mint Gold Bars, the first is the 1 kilo Royal Canadian Gold Bar. This bullion gold bar features .9999 pure gold content and each bar contains its own individual serial number for certification. The 1 kilo is one of many weights made available by the Royal Canadian Mint and are a fantastic choice for precious metal enthusiasts. The 1 kilo gold bar we provide arrives in protective plastic as well as a box, with identifying markers and the RCM logo on the obverse, and a blank reverse. It’s eligible for precious metal IRAs and is another long-term investment product that is almost impervious to the frequent fluctuations of the global stock market.

The second is the 1 oz Royal Canadian Mint Gold Bar which is an ingot bar produced by the Royal Canadian Mint. Each bar in this collection is uniquely numbered and registered, making them a fantastic commodity for investment and collectors purposes. Again, this bar contains .9999 pure gold and is sealed individually with an Assay card. It features the official RCM logo as its primary design and is inscribed with the words ROYAL CANADIAN MINT in English and French in a circle surrounding the insignia. These are beautiful pieces rich in history and cultural value, and even the back side of the ingot is inscribed with a unique pattern of the RCM insignia. This makes it rare as a gold bar as they are generally blank on the reverse, giving it yet another distinctive selling point as a collector’s item or investment piece for your portfolio.

The Royal Canadian Mint is one of a very select few that produces bars as well as coins, and they are one of the most easily recognizable and well-established mints in existence around the world. It was founded in 1908 in the federal city of Ottawa and handled all production of Canadian currency until around 1976, now handling bullion and commemorative production such as the gold bars and coins listed at Wall Street Metals.

Beautiful Designs

We understand that lots of buyers of gold Canadian coins aren’t investors, but rather collectors.

At Wall Street Metals, we share the passion you have for beautiful precious metals, and this passion is reflected in the eclectic mix of designs we provide for our customers online at Wall Street Metals.

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No matter what you do with your gold Canadian coins or bars, whether it’s adding them to your own collection or adding them to an investment portfolio, Wall Street Metals have the products and experience to help make a success of your collection with beautiful gold coins, bars, silver coins, as well as platinum and palladium pieces.

We’ve got bountiful knowledge within the industry and have the buying power and expertise to make the perfect choices and find pieces that will bring your collections or portfolios to life for years to come.

Get in touch with our experts if there’s a specific piece you want but can’t find anywhere else or if you have any other questions relating to Wall Street Metals or precious metal investment.