Why Buy From Wall Street Metals?

A leader In Online Sales of Precious Metals

At Wall Street Metals, we have established a reputation for being an industry leader when it comes to the selling of precious metals. So, if you’re in the market for anything from gold, silver, platinum, to even palladium, we’ve got you covered.

Our experts have years of experience in the game and have accumulated a mass of knowledge and expertise to show for it. Not only this, but we also have immense buying power thanks to the connections and status we have worked hard to build over the years.

Transparent Pricing

What you see is what you get with Wall Street Metals. There are no hidden costs, and everything is laid out in a simple and straightforward language that you understand.

Unlike many other online sellers of precious metals, we value our customers massively, so we’re completely open and honest with the way we do business.

We’re passionate about the industry and the customers we provide precious metals to, so we make sure that all of our pricing is transparent and clear. This reduces the risk when purchasing from Wall Street Metals, and it’s why we’ve had so many happy customers in the 15 years we’ve been operating.

IRA Advisors available to assist you

We provide precious metal IRAs to our highly valued customers and clients. We’ve partnered with New Direction IRA, Equity Trust, GoldStar Trust and Strata Trust, as well as others, to ensure we are able to offer the lowest cost possible.

This string of alliances also means we can provide the quickest IRA setup and maintenance for our customers, so you can enjoy all of the tax benefits associated with IRA investing.

We have amazing, expert advisors who can talk you through precious metals IRAs in 3 simple steps. Take a look to find out more.

Live Chat with a Real Person

Adding to your investment portfolio or collections of precious metals can be confusing and tricky to maneuver. Fortunately for you, we provide a live chat service to answer any questions you may have in real time.

Unlike other web chat services online, our live chat is actually manned by a real person, so you won’t get stock answers that don’t actually give you the information you need.

We love our customers and treat you with respect, so you can be sure you’re speaking to an actual human when you use our live chat service to ask any queries.

Call us on 1-800-632-4154

Mon – Fri 9 AM – 5 PM ET

Fast & Free Shipping

We provide fast and free shipping as standard with all of the precious metals available online at our website. Whether it’s gold, silver, platinum or palladium, we can guarantee not only safety when we package and deliver your goods, but quick delivery times to boot.

And the cost for all of this – absolutely nothing.

We ship using discreet packaging with no indication of what’s on the inside. Our partners FED EX and AIB Express are leaders in precious metals insured shipping, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.


We value security as a top priority here at Wall Street Metals because we understand how important your data is, especially when it comes to financial data.

It’s for this reason that when shopping with us, your personal and private information kept secure through our 256-bit SSL encryption, certified by DigiCert/Norton. To verify your secure connection, notice the “https://” addresses of all our pages.

We also never have access to your credit/debit card information, as it is processed securely by CyberSource, the parent company of Authorize.net, following the most stringent PCI-compliant standards.

All of this means you can rest assured that you’re only receiving a fantastic product at a great price with fast delivery, but that your details are safe and secure.

Download our free Precious Metals IRA Guide today!

We only need your details to send your guide, we’re not hardcore salesman & won’t be calling you to sell. We believe in transparency with our clients.

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