Gold IRA

Gold coins as investments have been extremely popular for centuries. They are among the most popular and sought-after investments and collections for precious metal enthusiasts, particularly bullion coins like the 1 oz Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coin.

They’re easily recognizable and valued as a result of their popularity, which makes them easy to trade. They also generally sell at a very high premium, especially when compared with other highly volatile investment opportunities such as stocks.

Ideal for long-term investments particularly, coins are more than worthwhile if you’re looking to add to your investment portfolio with an age-old, classic, profitable precious metal entity. They’re low-risk and invaluable in the long run and can provide you with an extremely strong foundation to work from when it comes to your investment portfolio, as well as a worthy addition to your current collection.

IRA Custodians

At Wall Street Metals, we offer a range of IRA options and have partnered with New Direction IRA, Equity Trust, GoldStar Trust and Strata Trust to name a few. These partnerships allow us to provide you with the quickest IRA setup/maintenance you’re likely to find anywhere in the United States.

You can therefore comfortably enjoy all of the tax benefits associated with IRA investing whilst also reaping the rewards of collecting and investing in precious metals that will stand the test of time. Find out more about our IRA custodian work here, and learn how to invest in a Precious Metals IRA quickly and simply, in 3 easy to follow steps.