Palladium Bars

Palladium bars offer a quality alternative to IRA-approved palladium coins. Like their coinage counterparts, IRA-approved palladium bars have fewer options than gold, silver, and platinum investment options. However, palladium bars do offer benefits that include a greater variety of weight options and lower premiums compared to palladium coins from sovereign mints.

The following are examples of popular IRA-approved palladium bars:

Valcambi Suisse Palladium Bars: The standard bar design available from Valcambi Suisse is also issued in palladium alongside gold and silver options. The bars include .9995 pure palladium, an assayer’s mark, serial number, and the corporate logo of the refinery.

PAMP Suisse Fortuna Palladium Bars: The most popular design from PAMP Suisse is also available in palladium. Fortuna is the Roman goddess of fortune and appears on various bars from PAMP. The palladium bars in this series are available in weights that range from 1 Gram, 5 Grams, and 1 Troy oz up to 100 Grams, 500 Grams, and 1 Kilogram.

In order to qualify as IRA-approved palladium, bars must meet similar qualifications as coinage. The palladium bars must come from refineries with assayer’s which as NYMEX- and COMEX-approved and the bars have to contain a minimum purity of .9995 pure palladium.