1 Lock in a Price

Call us on at 1-800 632 4154 to lock in your price and finalize your sale. Our trading team can answer any questions you have about the buyback process and provide you with a properly insured shipping label. Please note that we buy more than what is listed on our site.

2 Ship Your Products

Once you have locked in your sale, you will receive an email with our mailing instructions. Please follow the instructions exactly to ensure the safe arrival of your products. Wall Street Metals will then organize USP to pick up parcels from your home or you can take them to your local USP depot.

3 Receive Payment!

After receiving your package, our inventory team will inspect each product and approve the sale. After approval, payment is issued by paper check, ACH, or bank wire (at your choice) within 1-3 business days.

Whether you’re an active investor, infrequent buyer or a first-time buyer the simple rule to follow is to buy precious metals as close to the spot price as available.