The benefits of diversified investments for retirement or after retirement

Retirees or those already planning their retirement can invest in a range of assets, but you should balance cash flow, risk and return when choosing your investments and you should always have easily liquidated assets like gold & silver in case you need cash for emergencies or just to spend on yourself or loved ones.

Why buying Gold & Silver coins is bad for your wealth and retirement if you buy from the wrong dealer.

By now you’ve all seen the ads on TV with some Hollywood celebrity warning you that if you don’t buy their gold immediately, you’re all going to die or some such thing. You also know by now that having a diverse portfolio which includes Gold & Silver is the best way to protect your wealth and retirement.

So let’s take a look at some of the best investments that will protect your wealth and retirement and give you a prosperous retirement and how to avoid getting ripped off by commission hungry salesmen.

Precious metals

Investing in precious metals is a good way to hedge against risk and protect your money during uncertain economic times. Gold & Silver is easy to buy and can be stored at home or with an IRA custodian in a depository. They are also easy to sell if you need access to instant cash. Unlike some of the other investments we’ve mentioned, you are not locked in long term and there are no penalties if you sell. Working with a trusted dealer like Wall Street Metals allows you to purchase precious metals like gold and silver coins for home storage or set up a Precious Metals IRA that invests your retirement funds in the Gold & Silver sector with IRA-eligible coins and bullion.

Only ever deal with metals companies that offer transparent pricing on their site and don’t have commission hungry salespeople calling you day and night trying to sell you overpriced Gold & Silver.

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Other diversified investments

Treasury bonds pay a fixed rate of interest every 6 months until they mature. They are issued over a 20-30 year period. You can also add them directly to your IRA or 401 (k) account to boost your earnings. You can buy treasury bonds directly from the government with Treasury direct.

Much like Treasury bonds, Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities ( TIPS ) are a government-sponsored security used to finance debt. They differ from Treasury bonds as they pay both interest and additional principal to compensate for the current rate of economic inflation. This low rate of risk unfortunately also means that TIPS generally have lower interest rates when compared with other securities and stock options.

Many types of mutual funds exist, but some can be more appropriate for retirees looking to diversify their assets and generate returns by a specified date. If you have a few years until retirement, target retirement funds will protect your savings and allow you to retire on time. Target retirement funds can also be good for younger investors since they are regularly rebalanced and grow more conservative as you move closer to retirement.

Municipal bonds are debt securities issued by local and state governments that are used to fund various everyday projects, such as building roads, funding schools and maintaining water treatment facilities. Investors can choose from 2 types of municipal bonds: general obligation bonds (which are not secured by an asset but by the “full faith and credit” of the issuing body) and revenue bonds (which are backed by the revenues stemming from a specific project, like highway tolls).

Municipalities may also occasionally issue bonds backed by private venues, including non-public universities and hospitals. Municipal bonds may be short term in length, lasting only a few years, or they may take a decade to reach maturity. Municipal bonds can be a good investment for retirees because the interest earned on these bonds is not taxed. Municipal bonds have interest rates that are roughly 0.2% higher than longer-term Treasury bonds.

REITs are an asset that invests only in real estate operations, such as the purchase and management of residential and commercial real estate, hotels and warehouses. A REIT may also fund other real estate assets such as mortgages. REIRs are legally required to pay out at least 90% of their taxable income to investors to avoid liability for U.S. income tax, though many aim for full 100% payout.

REITs are a particularly attractive investment because they can pay out significant dividends. A number of mutual funds invest in a large number of REIRs. REIT-focused mutual funds can be an excellent option for retirees because they are diverse and can offer good returns. Direct REIT stocks are not suggested for people planning to retire soon since they are slightly riskier than traditional REITs.