100 oz Silver Bar (Any Mint)

Silver – historical relevance in the form of precious metals

Silver has been around for centuries, and there have been a number of impressive and noteworthy silver collectors in this time across Europe and the Americas. The 19th and early 20th century were particularly popular periods for silver Canadian coins, and collectors were famous across the continents for the collections they kept.

With links to the art world and investing, collectors were influential and internationally known, even back in the nineteenth century. Alfred Pringsheim was a German mathematician based in Munich, who was an art lover as well as avid precious metals collector. He carefully purchased silver objects as well as paintings and other pieces of art and gathered over 100 pieces in his day which were very tastefully presented, often behind closed doors and shown to a few, select people.

After being stolen during the war by the Gestapo, the pieces were redistributed back to the Pringsheim family in the 1950s and are now spread across collections and museums around the world.

Silver is a fascinating precious metal in that it comes in various different forms with different historical relevance.

Silver in the modern world

There are many silver-lovers throughout the centuries alongside Pringsheim, who show us how valued the precious metal is and has been over the years.

The ways in which silver is presented has changed throughout the years, with special cabinets and vaults becoming more prominent throughout the 20th and 21st centuries, presented in carefully designed, beautiful environments.

People also tend to simply live with their silver items nowadays, which brings the collector closer to the pieces they’ve acquired, deepening the appreciation they feel for each item in their collection.

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