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Why are the Call of The Wild coins so popular?

When people choose to invest in precious metals such as gold, they often do this by purchasing coins or bullion. The release of the Call of the Wild coins by the Royal Canadian Mint has proved hugely popular as investors snap them up. So, why is this coin series so popular and why do investors want them?

What are the Royal Canadian Mint Call of the Wild Coins?

In 2014, the Royal Canadian Mint created a series of gold coins called the Call of the Wild. These show images of animals from the wilderness of Canada, and they were released annually over a period of seven years. Each one is made up of 99.999% fine gold, which is the finest standard of gold bullion in the world.

Types of Call of the Wild Coins

The Howling Wolf coin was the very first coin of the series produced in 2014. As an iconic wilderness creature in Canada, it is depicted filling the air with soundwaves as it howls. The second design to be released was the Roaring Cougar, and this was followed by the Roaring Grizzly, showing the bear which is the second largest mammal in North America.

The next coin in the series is the Bulging Elk, one of the largest members of the deer family, and in 2018 the Golden Eagle coin was released.

The sixth coin was the iconic Canadian Moose, and the final coin, which was released in 2020 showed the Canadian Bobcat.

Each coin weighs 1 ounce and is encapsulated in a plastic card to preserve and protect it.

Why are they so sought after?

The Call of the Wild coins have proved to be in high demand because of their incredible levels of purity. As they reach the highest standards of gold, they are the purest gold coins which are currently available.

They have a unique and precise design, including beautiful images and inscriptions that make them something aesthetically pleasing to own as well as valuable.

They have been designed to be extremely difficult to copy, and so each one has a security hologram in the form of a Canadian maple leaf embedded into it.

These coins are fairly easy to buy and sell, which is another reason that they have proved to be so popular, as investors are able to get their hands on them without too much difficulty.

Are Canadian coins a good investment?

Before investing in any of these coins, you should consider what percentage of your investment portfolio they will make up, and where you will store them. Each one is worth 200 CAD and are qual to 24 carats.

The Royal Canadian Mint produces all Canadian coins, as well as some for other nations, and also creates collector coins such as these. Their collector coins are made in gold, silver, palladium, or platinum and can be parts of collections, commemorative coins, bars, medals, and medallions.

The Canadian Mint began producing coins in Ottawa in 1901 after Canada became a nation in its own right and its need for coins had increased.

After being part of the British Royal Mint, it finally negotiated its independence during the Great Depression, and it was renamed he Royal Canadian Mint in 1931 when it began reporting exclusively to the Department of Finance before finally becoming a private organization.

These days, the Royal Canadian Mint employs an advanced engineering research team to ensure that high standards are maintained, and the most innovative technologies are used in order to maintain a reputation for quality and attention to detail.

The Call of the Wild coins are considered to be the most renowned that the Canadian Mint has produced.

Gold is always considered to be a good investment, especially when it boasts this level of purity, because of its ability to hold its value. Even when economies take a turn for the worst, gold ad other precious metals remain sought after and do not see the dip in prices that other investments might. When it takes the form of a highly desirable, rare, and collectable coin, it is even more likely to become worth more than the sum of its contents.

How to purchase Call of The Wild Coins?

To purchase the Call of The Wild coins from Wall Street Metals, there are three simple steps to follow.

Firstly, you will need to open a precious metals IRA account, this can be completed by emailing us at Once your account has been opened, this is where you can begin to add funds, this can be completed by bank transfer.

Finally, once your money is available you are ready to purchase our Royal Canadian Call of The Wild coins. Once purchased, these IRA approved coins will appear within your account where you can monitor and manage them.

Purchase your Call of The Wild Coins from Wall Street Metals!

If you are looking to purchase Call of The Wild coins, we are here to help you! Wall Street Metals are proud to stock Royal Canadian Call of The Wild coins.

We don’t charge any commissions and we also make every step of the investment journey transparent before you decide to invest in precious metals. The precious metals market is built for corporations and governments, we are built for individuals like small business owners. This is what sets Wall Street Metals apart.

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