Royal Canadian Mint

Royal Gold Canadian Coins and Gold Bars

Royal Canadian Mint Gold coins truly are a thing of beauty. They aren’t simply a piece of gold, more often than not, they’re a work of art in themselves.

We have vast experience in the sourcing and supplying of Royal Canadian Mint Gold coins and have some of the most superb designs ever produced available to add to your collection or to help you start a new one.

From natural and national animals and designs to iconic symbols of the Canadian heartland, we provide a mixture of old and new gold coins with something for every collector and investor. We pride ourselves on the collection we have and can provide you with some of the best gold Canadian coins available from the Royal Canadian Mint.

Gold Canadian Coins Online

Buy gold Canadian coins with Wall Street Metals online and you know you’re getting a fantastic deal of beautiful coins for your collection.

From the Canadian Gold Polar Bear and Cub Coin to the Canadian Arctic Fox Coin, our selection is vast and products of the highest quality. With a massive mix of different coins available to buy online, all in BU condition up to .9999 pure gold in Troy Oz’s, you’re sure to find something with Wall Street Metals that will bring your collection to life or help start a new portfolio of investments.